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Poolscapes, Inc. has been building custom gunite pools in the Austin Metro area since 1998. With hundreds of inground pools under our belt, we realized early on the efficiency and longevity of utilizing gunite for our custom pool designs.

What is gunite and why should my new pool be constructed with it?

Gunite is a common building material which consists of a mixture of cement, sand, and water, that is then sprayed onto a mold. A rebar framework is used for the basic pool shape, and poured or sprayed over with the gunite.

Gunite is an excellent choice for your new custom pool due to its high durability and because it can be used to create virtually any shape. The limitless design possibilities makes a custom gunite pool a better choice over a fiberglass pool, which will be an unchangeable shell shipped from the manufacturer.

Custom Gunite Pool Builder Austin

In the world of inground pool design, gunite has become the preferred technique for building custom pools. It is important that the gunite is applied properly. To ensure the structural integrity of your new pool, make sure you hire a professional company to get the job done right the first time. If you are interested in renovating or designing a custom gunite pool in the Austin area, check out our custom pool portfolio and give us a call anytime.

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